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the MARION community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
the MARION community

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[20 Dec 2010|06:00pm]

Wow, how long was the text black in here? So sorry about that!

Man, I wish those lads would give us something to talk about!
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[21 Sep 2008|02:30pm]

In case you haven't heard, Marion has two shows coming up in the fall with Puressence.

October 18 - Academy 1, Manchester
November 14 - Metro, London

The best news of all? Tony Grantham is joining them :)
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[21 Apr 2008|01:32pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

New tunes on the streets :D
Available for download through Townsend Records!
Check out the MySpace blog!


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New news! [19 Apr 2008|09:24am]

[ mood | excited ]


There is new news approaching, all to be revealed on Monday 21st April!

Log-in to the forum at http://themarionarchives.co.uk/forum for some more details, and sign-up to the email newsletter at http://marionuk.co.uk to keep up to date!

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[15 Jan 2007|02:07pm]

Not the first thing I wanted in the email this morning.

Che has had an accident and is in the hospital awaiting surgery, and I'm trying my best to get a hold of our mutual friends to find out what's going on. I'll keep you updated on that one best I can. Right now, let's all pray for a speedy recovery.

[edit 23:05 EST] He's okay. No nerve damage, no surgery. Phew! The MySpace has been bombarded with warm wishes! It's such a relief.
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[14 Dec 2006|08:48pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

More pictures from London, on and off stage:


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marion @ kings college student union 12.12.06 [14 Dec 2006|12:41pm]


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[12 Dec 2006|02:55pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello all, the show in Manchester last week was the funnest of the fun! Hope to see you all in London tonight! Pictures to come!


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marionuk.co.uk [21 Nov 2006|12:00pm]

A new site!

marionuk.co.uk - deals with the new line-up, so all news, pictures, audio, whatever will find it's way onto that there site!

The Marion Archives will continue in it's usual place, but will focus on the original line-up, and will continue to be updated (new mp3's every month).

The Forum remains in the same place (for the time being at least) and can be found from either site!

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[08 Nov 2006|07:42pm]

Hey everyone, I know there are a few people around here that have taken some really awesome live photos of Marion this year. I was wondering if you could lend your services to me. If anyone has a printable shot of the whole band, could you please contact me? It's for professional purposes ;) I can't promise money, but I can get you wicked street cred or merch. Hook me up? Thanks.
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marion @ the barfly 09.09.06 [25 Sep 2006|02:37pm]


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sorry if you're on the message board/my friends list and have already seen this. enjoy if you haven't.
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[20 Sep 2006|10:12pm]

Hands up, who was at Night & Day or the Barfly?? Talk about all of my teenaged dreams coming true. I have to travel overseas for shows more often. I get back to Canada in October, so my pictures will have to wait until then, I'm afraid!

Awesome stuff, everyone! Lovely lovely!
ps. I really should update the profile on this here thing!
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Marion Interview! [15 Sep 2006|08:35am]

Ta da :]

I love the Killers bit at the end.

Hope you all enjoy :D
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[04 Sep 2006|11:37pm]

Hello everyone, please check out the newly-updated MySpace page! The new song is uploaded and I've enabled ratings and comments! Let us all know what you think!

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[03 Sep 2006|04:26pm]


Hello ~

I just registered yesterday after discovering while browsing randomly on YouTube that Marion had reformed and played once on the 1st of april *.*

I'm a french girl who discovered Marion back in 1995 when I bought their "Toys for boys EP" and since I always cherished them so much , collecting all their cds and magazines appearances ^^
But as I was living in the south of France at the time and was too young to travel on my own I never got the chance to see them live T__T

I couldn't believe such an amazing news!
Being able to hear again Jaime' so touching voice and Marion 'so intense music is simply wonderful ^____^

I'm now living  very close from London and I just read about the London gig on the 19 september....
I'm gonna check ebay daily of course but just in case one of you or your friend happened to get an extra ticket , please would you be kind enough to let 
me know ?

If I can't manage to go to this gig I will just  wait for the next ones to be announced as I'm pretty sure there will be many !
Still I'd LOVE to attend the september one ;__;


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[22 Aug 2006|07:27pm]

So who's all going to the upcoming shows??
My friends and I will be at the London show on the 19th, but our status for the Manchester show is still pending. Someone at the gig will have to be sympathetic towards two cold, cute Canadian girls waiting by the door.

Er anyway, if anyone knows where I can scrape up two Mcr tickets, gimme the heads up would ye?
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Bath [07 Mar 2006|06:29pm]

So who is going to Bath???
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photos of jaime-recent [23 Feb 2006|09:09am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey you all asked me to share my photos of jaime-recent ones-here's some for you to look at.

i think he's looking a bit rough-but the cute twinkle in the eye is still there :)

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[15 Feb 2006|07:17pm]

Je suis arrivee, Lesh.

My Marion memory: 16 years old, running around London desperately trying to get a copy of their CD, and paying 15 pounds for it. Returning to Toronto, and finding it in the first used cd store for $10. Also: adding JH to my list of things to do.
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[13 Feb 2006|06:07pm]

Someone just emailed me claiming to be Jaime Harding, inviting me to Bath for a show.
How much truth there is to this, I wonder.

Sad I don't live anywhere near Bath, at any rate :/
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